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What is a Virtual Business Address?

Jan 25th 2022


What Are the Benefits of our Virtual Business Address service?

MYCO Works provides a range of key services to get your company up and running quickly and easily. These services include Ready Made Companies, Company Formation, Registered Office Address, Director Service Address and Telephone Answering Service.

But what exactly is a Virtual Business Address? Here we explore the details of the Virtual Business Address service we offer and explain how a virtual office can benefit you and your company.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

A Virtual Business Address is simply a physical building that, although belonging to someone else, companies can be registered at. This building’s address can then be used on a company’s documentation and communications. Once you have ordered our Virtual Business Address service, you are free to use whichever of our business addresses you’ve chosen on your documentation that same day.

The Virtual Business Address service we offer also includes 1st Class mail forwarding or scan and email of all ‘business’ mail.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Business Address?

Your Company Instantly Appears Professional, Credible & Legitimate

Having a prestigious business address – like our choice of central prestigious locations – creates a professional and credible business image and increases trust to both clients and suppliers. By including a prestigious address on your business cards, website, invoices, business stationery and marketing material, you instantly create the impression of an established business with its own premises.

Our choice of addresses also means you can choose a virtual office in a well-known area relevant to your business.

Huge Savings

Having a virtual office is far more cost-effective than a traditional physical office space, as well as the associated staff costs. Benefiting from your company having a prestigious address without the sky-high rent, office equipment, office maintenance, utilities, cost of a receptionist is one of the key reasons most people opt for a virtual office.

Keeping business overheads low is vital – especially if your company is in its infancy. A virtual office allows you to concentrate your finances where you need them most – by investing them back into your own business. All these savings can be passed along to your clients which will ultimately affect your profit margins.

Allows for Flexible Working

A Virtual Business Address is ideal for those who want (or need) to work remotely. A Virtual Office Address gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere you like. If all you need to work is an internet connection, then a virtual office is going to work for you.

Flexible working also means using up less holiday days. For example, if you need to attend a child’s school play, take your dog to the vet or go to the gym during normal working hours, it’s no longer a problem because you know you can make the time up later.

Increased Productivity & Job Satisfaction

Virtual offices are great at increasing job satisfaction amongst employees because it gives your staff the option to work from home, save time and money on commuting (also reducing their carbon footprint) and enjoy a healthier work-life balance. The happier and less stressed your staff are, the lower your employee turnover is. When employees can work from a more relaxed environment, where they are more engaged, productivity and efficiency go up. Happier employees work better – it’s that simple!

Reap the Benefits of our Virtual Office Address Service

From increased staff happiness and productivity to instant company credibility, the list of benefits to using a virtual office is endless! Click here to find out more about our range of services and discover what our Virtual Business Address option can do for your business.


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